Mort & Co takes on the World's Best Steaks for the first time and rises to the Challenge

Posted on Friday, 6 July 2018

Darling Downs based company Mort & Co has rightly staked its place at the international steak table with two gold medals and a silver for a first-ever attempt at the World Steak Challenge.


With just 3 entries supplied for the branded beef taste test that took place in London on 4 July, Mort & Co’s Black Angus product Grandchester was awarded:


  • Gold medal for World’s best rib-eye
  • Gold medal for World’s best sirloin
  • Silver medal for World’s best fillet

Upon the announcement, managing director of Mort & Co, Charlie Mort commented, “What a fantastic achievement for our entire team – the select group of producers, our great feedlot staff, our talented meat division and our loyal partners in Australia and Europe.  Without all these people and their commitment to every step of our supply chain, we simply could not achieve what we have set out to do.”


“These additional awards cap off a tremendous few months for our branded beef range, and demonstrate the quality of our Black Angus offering.”


The World Steak Challenge was first held in 2015, and now in its fourth year, the event has grown to encompass over 22 countries from regions covering Europe, North and South America, as well as Asia Pacific, entered the branded beef taste test.


The competition is open to grainfed and grassfed beef varieties, and cut categories include World’s best fillet steak, best sirloin and fillet.  In total, 45 gold and 37 silver medals were awarded to entries from 35 different breeds including cross and pure.


The Grandchester Black Angus is grainfed between 150-200 days and finished on Mort & Co’s exclusive tempered barley-based ration at the Pinegrove feedlot near Millmerran, located in the Darling Downs region.  The Pinegrove feedlot, where Mort & Co’s EU certified program is based, was recently renovated and expanded to 10,000 standard cattle unit capacity. 


All Grandchester cattle are bred by a dedicated and select group of EU accredited Black Angus producers based in the New England region of Northern New South Wales.  The group, which includes some of Australia’s leading producers, are selected based on the high performance genetics of their cattle, which is suitable for medium term feeding regimes.


The Mort & Co Phoenix Range of branded beef was officially launched in November 2015, with the Grandchester product one of the first to be introduced.  It is available for both domestic and export markets.


In Australia, Australian Wholesale Meats (AWM) has held the exclusive partnership for Mort & Co’s branded beef products since 2017.  With offices based in Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney, AWM has serviced the entire domestic market for premium restaurants, steakhouses and gourmet retail outlets.


From 2017 FN Global Meat, based in The Netherlands and one of the largest import companies in Europe, has partnered with Mort & Co as the exclusive distributor for the Grandchester Black Angus product.  The Grandchester Black Angus is Mort & Co’s first EU program, and is available in the UK, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland and select countries within the European continent.