Our award-winning Black Angus




The Mort family was amongst the first settlers in Grandchester, a picturesque hamlet within the Darling Downs region of South East Queensland, establishing a cattle run in 1849 that spread over 60,000 hectares.


Today, that original property still remains within the family.

It is fitting then that our Grandchester brand, sourced from heritage bred Angus cattle, promises to deliver impeccable marbling and tenderness with a distinctly old world flavour that will ensure a unique eating experience.

Cattle are hand selected from our own herds, and then raised on an exclusive slow-cooked cereal diet.

Our award-winning Grandchester is:

  • Grainfed for up to 200 days
  • 100% MSA graded
  • 100% hormone free
  • EU certified

Grand Champion 20182018 World Steak Challenge Gold medal World's Best Rib-eye


2018 World Steak Challenge Gold medal World's Best Sirloin


Silver 20182018 World Steak Challenge Silver medal World's Best Fillet