Our Mantra





The success of Mort & Co’s Phoenix Beef Range is based upon 3 key philosophies; Providence, Integrity and Service.


We believe if you nurture the source of your food supply it will continue to deliver in abundance. Phoenix Beef is delivered from the source, Australia’s famous Darling Downs region in South East Queensland, Australia, one of the worlds most naturally abundant sources of rich and nutritious food. Our livestock are raised and cared for with each and every animal monitored for ultimate health and well being. Exclusive recipes and slow cooked feed rations provide ultimate animal well being resulting in wonderfully tender beef with each brand exhibiting its own unique flavour profile.


Our dedicated team of professionals monitor, guide and manage our Phoenix Beef supply chain taking full responsibility with each stage in delivery. The highest standards and practices in animal husbandry, soil sustainability, farming practices, welfare and ISO2001 standards for food safety are the cornerstones of our product’s exceptional eating quality, optimal shelf life and globally recognised “Trusted Australian Beef”.


Appreciating the array of customers tastes and preferences is integral in providing a range of beef brands that represents quality at all levels. Hand-selecting livestock to suit these individual requirements takes the expertise of 170 years of history coupled with state of the art systems, open communication old fashioned service. Unparalleled beef supply chain knowledge ensures our best offerings are Reserved for you.