Our Story





Thomas Mort migrated to Australia in 1838 with a passion and dream of developing the agricultural opportunities the young nation provided. In 1843 Mort & Co was founded and Thomas Mort along with his brother Henry, went on to pioneer Australia’s wool, meat, dairy and sugar industries including Australia’s first export refrigeration to deliver Australian Beef to the world. His businesses and pastoral interests eventually stretched across the nation, but it was his dedication to the Australian primary industries which is his greatest legacy.

Upon his death in 1878 a bronze statue was erected in the centre of Sydney, Macquarie Place, by the people, in his honour and in respect to his contribution to Australia.

His legacy lives on, through our current CEO, Charlie Mort and the tenacity and desire of his dedicated team to deliver impeccable Australian beef to customers everywhere.

Today, over 170 years since it was first established, Mort & Co is the country’s premier Australian owned, grain-fed beef production and farming company, providing beef from over 200,000 head of premium Australian cattle every year, to customers across the world.

The “Phoenix” is the Mort family crest, of French origins, dating back to the 15th century. The Phoenix is well recognised in many cultures, around the world, symbolising, resilience, tenacity and constant renewal and epitomises this new era of Mort & Co.

Our Phoenix Beef range is the new breed in Australian beef cuisine where fine farming delivers fine food in a completely unique pathway, where animal well being is the highest priority and consumer satisfaction is the ultimate outcome.