From some of the world’s finest marbled Wagyu to our premium, hormone-free grain fed beef, the Australian Phoenix Beef range will leave even the most discerning beef consumers satisfied.

Produced in the rich agricultural region of the Darling Downs, in South East Queensland, our Australian Phoenix Beef range has been carefully crafted to deliver a consistently flavoursome beef product of exceptional eating quality and tenderness.

As a leading Australian beef producer, our premium range of Phoenix Beef has been created with integrity, ensuring the highest standards in animal welfare, food safety and traceability. Our fully integrated supply chain backed by independent MSA grading, ensures a superior beef product trusted by chefs around the world.

The Phoenix

Sourced from Australia’s finest Wagyu cattle herds, The Phoenix offers a full-bodied flavour and optimal marbling, leaving lasting juiciness with every bite.



Premium, hormone-free grain fed marbled beef, hand selected by our trusted beef experts to meet EU standards and provide a unique ‘old world flavour’.


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